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Studying in a foreign country is never an easy decision for students and their loved ones. They always look for a team whom they can trust for stress-free and unbiased admission process to their desired universities. In the same time, universities and educational institutes are looking for a partner whom they can trust to work on their behalf and find genuine bright students. They also want to partner who can protect and promote their brand.

NWC Education is proud to represent international students and respected partner universities through our ever-growing and trusted teams around the globe.


Introducing NWC Education

NWC Education is one of the most trusted and successful London-based student consultancy organisations. Over the last 15 years, we grew from a one-person team to 50+ team members in multiple offices around the world. We are registered as New Way Consultancy Limited (Registration number 08128299) in England and Wales.

We are committed to fulfilling our university partners recruitment targets timely and efficient. We have recruited highly motivated and energetic team members and strategically opened offices in different countries based on our experience and demand. Our student councillors understand students’ requirements and experience in handling all situations. Our colleagues are fully aware of the UK admission process, Home Office policies and university partners’ requirements.

We are operating at multiple offices in the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Nigeria, India, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, and the United Arab Emirates.


Our Timeline


  • 2010 – Started student consultancy as a freelancer
  • 2012 – Registered at the Companies House (UK)
  • 2013 – Started operating in Dhaka (Bangladesh)
  • 2014 –
  • 2015 –
  • 2016 –
  • 2020 – Started operating in Dubai (UAE)


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